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Lead by example. Fight with honor and respect. We fight the same way we expect our students to fight. We love coaching and love leading our team. Our philosophy on leadership can be summed up in two words: “Follow me.”

Watch out for big things from Pura Vida fighters coming up soon!

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Mixed Martial Arts

There is no hiding who you are as a person in this sport. Some people go their entire lives hiding. You wear this disguise. Inside the cage, there you are for the world to see. You can’t hide who you are in the cage.

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Women’s BJJ Training

Train with our women instructors to learn in an all-female environment. Our classes help train you to fight, learn self-defense skills and build your self-confidence with other awesome, powerful women.

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What We Do And Who We Are?


Our Classes Change Lives.

“I lost thirty pounds. I brought my blood pressure down so far my doctor had me stop taking my medication.
Getting my blue belt from Pura Vida BJJ & MMA has meant the world to me. I have a family here.”


Carlos Marchan (May 2016)


“I have suffered with addiction my whole life. Joining the family at Pura Vida has enabled me to stay sober,
which is as great of a referral as I can give. I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished with this team, and I look forward to what’s to come in the future!”


Bradford Ermel (August 2015)


“My son used to get picked on every day at school. It broke my heart.
That’s why I brought him to Pura Vida. Within the first month of joining, he was carrying himself differently. He had confidence. The instructors told me their job was not to teach him to fight, but to teach him enough confidence that he wouldn’t need to… and they did!”


Lupe Silva (June 2013)


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Is Great Form of Exercise

Many think of jiu-jitsu as being a sport. However, it’s another great method of exercise. If you’re searching for the best way to remain in shape, this just might be your ticket.

A lot of thought goes into the jiu-jitsu lifestyle. The rewards are beyond your imagination. Often, it’s the small things which aren’t seen that mean one of the most to us in daily life.

Ask any jiu-jitsu student and you’ll hear a variety of reasons that they can choose jiu-jitsu. You’ll hear how they dropped excess weight, finally toned their abs or how they completely changed their life by beginning jiu-jitsu.

Sadly, many times people concentrate on an exercise like a pain to complete, with jiu-jitsu, they teach that exercise is a way of living.

No one walks in a jiu-jitsu class and tells themselves which it will all be over within an hour and stops there, instead, they begin a transformation that will transcend their expectations.

Within a jiu-jitsu class, students learn that their bodies are certainly one complete unit, and for every part to function properly, every aspect must work together as you cohesive unit.

By enhancing the body awareness, mobility and strength will quickly follow suit. It’s a feeling from deep in the very being of your person.

It not just improves their physical well-being but also their mental. As soon as the mind, body, and soul work together, the full person will feel better and healthier.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen instantly. It will take effort and time to regain what one has lost during the period. Often, people don’t even realize what they’ve sacrificed over time to reach where they’re at.

However, with diligent effort, they can quickly regain that experience of well-being while focusing on which matters in daily life. It’s not what one has, but what one does by using it that matters.

It requires physical and mental concentration to grow fully in jiu-jitsu. Learning to concentrate on each technique and movement should go far to help one to regain what has been lost.

Learning to attempt to try again goes far in improving not merely technique and also in improving one’s determination to attain a general sense of well-being.

Learning that determination is a part of the overall experience will help anyone to pay attention to what matters and master every single technique.

Jiu-jitsu is a life-style. It’s studying the will and finding the determination to go on, even when you take an exceeding number of years to understand an approach. It’s learning that failure isn’t in the vocabulary. It’s learning that you’ll master the procedure if you just keep trying.

No one walks in and masters everything right away; it will take learning from mistakes and energy to become jiu-jitsu master. All the way is challenging waiting to be accomplished. With effort and determination, anything can be accomplished in life. An instant to learn, a very long time to understand.

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